Long long ago, the internet was an ad barren land. No dancing people telling you how you could save on your auto insurance, no before and after belly pictures and no ads letting me know Obama wants me to go back to school…and then theĀ first banner ad appeared!

First Banner Ad

According to

“AT&T was the first to dish over some money to HotWired to display the beast they created, a 468 x 60 banner that came to life on October 25 1994”

I wonder what it’s click through rate was….

via @cstoller

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  • That’s pretty cool, where do you find stuff like this?

  • Most of what I write about here was discovered through all the blogs/publications I read, social networks or my own life. This particular one was from @cstoller who I follow on Twitter.

    If you check me out on Streamy you can see what blogs I read. (user name ErinNorton)