Heels.com is doing some smart digital buying. As a poor shoe addict I feel like their my dealer who pops up randomly throughout my life to remind me how good of a high they can provide me. At times when I’m not even thinking about shoes, Heels.com reminds me of that fabulous pair of shoes that I was checking out the week before. Just to tempt me a little more…that amazing pair of Gold Carrie’s has now been discounted and I still don’t own a pair of purple heels that I definitely need.

Must resist urge to order…stop looking up discount codes…put credit card away….soooo hard…damn you Heels.com.

heelscarrie heels

I love them and hate Heels.com all in one. Don’t they know I’m trying to be good? A little window shopping to quench my shoe lust and they have me tagged with cookies with a re-targeting display buy for the exact shoes I’ve been lusting over.

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