I’ve said it many times before, I love behavioral targeting both as a media planner and as a consumer. Anything to show me less irrelevant ads and waste my time. You can track me, I’ll fill out a survey, infect my computer with your cookies (as long as you’re a reputable company). BT for a media planner is fabulous, the ability to push display only to those relevant segments who have demonstrated their interest of intent.

Last week the IAB announced the creation of a new logo (see below) to tell users they are seeing the ad because of behavioral targeting. As an act of self regulation and transparency the logo was decided on to avoid government interference on BT practices. For more information read this.

A warning label on behavioral targeting ads is totally and completely unnecessary. All media is purchased based on the consumers’ media habits, demographics, psychographics, previous purchases and other piles of research and life style stats. We place no warning labels on TV spots, informing the carefully selected audience that they are seeing the ad because they fite percisely into our media plan.  

As a media planner, I should hope that all ads would have this little logo on it – all the ads placed are done sone because of meticulous research and well thought out budget allocations based on the target demographic and client goals.

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