Have you noticed some new buttons surrounding display ads on

The top link – AdChoices – takes you here and lets you opt in and out of certain categories as well as shows you the information it has on you. They have my location wrong, or just never updated it since I moved but provide a lot of great information everyone should know about why/how advertising is displayed to you. I’ve repeatedly said Behavioral Targeting is one of the best tools in the world but I firmly believe in advertising education and allowing people to control what they see. If you want irrelevant content or a pay-wall so sites can recoup costs then enjoy!

The bottom link – Ad Feeback – takes you here which looks like a brand awareness/brand lift study.

Yahoo has not incorporated both of these on all banner placements, not sure if its b/c this one had the best placement 300×250 right side, above the fold which will no doubt get the highest number of eyes and clicks. Or if its something specific to the T-Mobile ad campaign. I can’t be BT targeted, maybe demo?

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  • Thank you for pointing this out. I don’t generally use yahoo search and am perhaps just unobservant, so thank you! I agree that behavioral targeting is the best, but I also think that people should have some say in what they see, which hopefully makes them more interested in seeing it.