Ok so I’m a little late…but hey I had to put some deep thought into these!

These are my 2011 resolutions. I’m not normally one to actually make resolutions but I’ve been inspired 🙂  I have 5 for work and 5 for my personal life.


1. Learn more about Venture Capitalism –> how it works, key players, trends, etc

2. Be better at Powerpoint –>they are just not up to par with my excel skills

3. Be more creative –> hey us media folk can be creative too!

4. Decrease my use of “totally” at the office –> but like seriously, I need to stop

5. Get to know the creatives –> some of my favorites from my previous agencies are my friends from the creative team, need to get upstairs more often and make friends


1. Take a tour of a farm in Petaluma –> will either keep me a full vegetarian or give me a place to find healthy, properly raised and slaughtered meat to add back into my diet

2. Be more adventuresome in the city  –> new places out, new neighborhoods and new people

3.  Find a workout/activity that keeps my interested and gets me back in shape –> I loved gravity pilates in San Diego, but it doesn’t exist in San Francisco. TRX? boot camps? hiking? rock climbing?

4.  Test my addiction limits –> give up each of the following for one month: coffee, alcohol, shopping, weekend computer use….hmm anything else I’m addicted to?

5. Call my friends more often –>I’m awful at calling/keeping in touch with my east coast college friend, more phone calls are needed!

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