New companies I’m ¬†watching that to be “the next big thing” or drastically change the way we communicate or consume media.

1. Path

The anti-social network. social network Share “moments” with only 50 of your closet friends. Limited user base but big investment and amazing founders.

2. StickyBits

First we checked into places. Then we checked into places with friends. Now you can check into products. F’ing Brilliant.

3. Spotify

Apple blows. I want my spotify. The next revolution in digital music.


Take Zynga out of facebook and you get omgpop. Kevin Rose is an angel. They’ve perfected how to serve video completions and quality maintain user experience. With video on the rise, social gaming a legit addition, and a great collection of fun games, this site is sure to make some significant money.

5. Hipster

What the fuck the do. I have no I idea. But rumor has it Groupon tried to buy them out BEFORE THEY EVEN LAUNCHED for $10 million.

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