Y-Combinator introduced its latest class fo start-ups today at their Demo Day. This “semester” they had 43 grads, although the article doesn’t include them all because some are super top secret. The ones I see with the biggest potential (from a user and advertising base are below). Which do you see the most potential in as a consumer and/or as a communications planner?

1. – “ takes all of your music and makes it social. We track everything you listen to and make it extremely easy to share with and discover from people.” They’ve actually been around for a few months. There are so few quality music sharing sites – love to see this improved and explored (try:,,

2. Five Stars – “A universal loyalty card for retail businesses. The card is the first link between cash registers, customers’ email and Facebook accounts.” I see huge potential in this, FB has a ton of user data and being able to tie it to your offline spending would be a magical and beautiful thing for CPGs and retailers. Lots of privacy issues and concerns to overcome, but love this.

3. MinoMonsters – “MinoMonsters is a social game where you collect and battle pet monsters on Facebook, the Web and the iPhone. We are Pokemon for 2011.” Ok, so this idea is probably crap, I just love them because they refer to themselves as Pokemon for 2011.

4.Lanyrd – “IMDB of conferences.” If they can build and sell to LinkedIn, they’ll make oodles of money. As an independent or bought out, huge advertsing potential for the BtoB space and would be incredibly helpful for finding quality conferences.

5. Taskforce – “Makes your inbox work as the to-do list you’re using it for.”

If you don’t know who/what Y-Combinator is, read about them here Check out an official list of graduates and you’ll see at least a few you’ll recognize like our blog platform posterous.


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