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The wide amounts of data available in digital have spurred some to dismiss the medium as a waste. A less than one percent response rate, issues with view ability and barrage of bots fucking with the numbers. The dirty truth

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I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired recently. I started a list of inspiration points to try and rally myself 🙂 please add to it! I need some help. 1. The Foundation by Kevin Rose [youtube=] All about entrepreneurs and how they have

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Ford and BMW are fighting it out for high profile placements on Mashable and the site is just selling it out to both of them. Category exclusivity is a hard thing to figure out online, however I think this needs

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Y-Combinator introduced its latest class fo start-ups today at their Demo Day. This “semester” they had 43 grads, although the article doesn’t include them all because some are super top secret. The ones I see with the biggest potential (from

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I love the new Toyota spots where customers discuss what good they would do in the world using Toyota’s technology. I want to love the interactive and engaging banners they created…but the game is just too hard. I spent 5

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New companies I’m  watching that to be “the next big thing” or drastically change the way we communicate or consume media. 1. Path The anti-social network. social network Share “moments” with only 50 of your closet friends. Limited user base

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Ok so I’m a little late…but hey I had to put some deep thought into these! These are my 2011 resolutions. I’m not normally one to actually make resolutions but I’ve been inspired 🙂  I have 5 for work and 5 for my

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Am I the only person having flashbacks to my middle school years and my crush on JTT? Now that every commercial break features Tim Allen, my childhood crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas is haunting me through flashbacks of Tool Time

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[youtube=] I’ve been a fairly loyal AT&T customer. Actually, I was a Cingular customer who was forced into AT&T. Service was awesome at UCONN, not so bad in San Diego and is non existent at the office in San Francisco but I’ve

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Is it just me, or does Sarah Jessica Parker look like a crazy robot with yellow eyes? Oh Facebook how you’ve grown so much, but your ads are still awful.

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