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Long long ago, the internet was an ad barren land. No dancing people telling you how you could save on your auto insurance, no before and after belly pictures and no ads letting me know Obama wants me to go

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Two thirds of all online searches are the result of offline media including TV, newspaper, magazines, word of mouth, radio, direct mail. Of those who searched for a product or company 39% ended up buying from the brand that motivated

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A moment of silence please – Clippy has been deleted. All you microsoft fans know who I’m talking about. According to the promo video for Office 2010, he has been killed off by some sort of Microsoft nemisis. Cool promotional

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Klondike has recently stepped up their advertising. They’ve sponsored Diggnation for the last few weeks and as an ice cream hater I actually find myself craving a Klondike when Kevin and Alex devour one. But when I stumbled on the

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United Airlines broke Dave Carrol’s guitar. He spent over nine months trying to get the airline to take responsibility and pay for the damages; they refused. So he took to the interwebs and created this incredibly catchy and entertaining video

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I don’t know what he is singing about and I don’t care. The video is brilliant and the song makes me smile. [youtube=]

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If I use the below lottery numbers and win, do I owe the spammers any of my loot?

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There is a full out war in the acne treatment industry with three contenders vying for your money. As an admittedly too old MTV viewer (I’m just outside of their core 18-24 demo at old 26 years), I am forced

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I love a good, cheap and fun promotion. [youtube=]

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A study by AdWeek and Harris Interactive provides some interesting stats on which medium ads are most ignored. At first glance its easy to assume that this means that internet banner ads are most ignored and television ads are the

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