The wide amounts of data available in digital have spurred some to dismiss the medium as a waste. A less than one percent response rate, issues with view ability and barrage of bots fucking with the numbers.

The dirty truth is all of the metrics we use to buy media are a farce, a wild guess.

Digital is most often bought on impressions, an untouchable technological event of code being transformed in a browser to display texts and images. That impression counts regardless if a human eyeball actually rest up on the 15 second loop amidst a page filled to the brim with text and at least two other ads fighting for just a glance from those same eyeballs.

TV is a bet on futures based on a very small number of households who know their viewing is being recorded. Ratings and Households and Reach and Frequency always trumped by if that one client saw the spot on their favorite channel. But the spots continue to roll even as the viewer runs out of the room to grab the laundry, picks up their phone to reply to a text or presses mute.

Print is valued by circulation numbers, how many people subscribe to a publication no matter if the issue was read, if all pages were turned and ads given a look over. No concern as to if each issue sat on the coffee table, untouched until month end when it was slung into the recycling bin. There is a no fingerprint count; every page is not locked until the previous page is turned by human hands.

OOH is based potential eyeballs that might glance up and take a few moments to read a few words or recognize a logo. A persistent image that sits in a driver peripheral vision, unnoticed unless stuck at a red light. A rectangular thing competing for head space with grocery lists and kids in the back seat and deep thoughts on these god awful song lyrics.

So yes, Digital has some issues. The data is wonky, and the ads probably aren’t being seen for every penny we spend. But the industry is improving; we’re talking about out flaws the technology is catching up with the spammers and that god damn CTR that we’ve locked our self into is transforming into something better.

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I’ve been feeling a bit uninspired recently. I started a list of inspiration points to try and rally myself 🙂 please add to it!

I need some help.

1. The Foundation by Kevin Rose


All about entrepreneurs and how they have built successful companies. Its a peak inside the mindset of innovators and they drive they have to make stuff happen.

2. Keith Stoeckeler’s blog and twitter hashtag #allthatinspiresme


I love seeing other people’s inspiration points because inspiration is everywhere, its just a matter of looking at things in a different way. Check out my guest post http://allthatinspires.me/guest-post-erin-norton

3. Edit: just realized I had left #3 blank. Ha maybe due to my lack of inspiration.


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Ford and BMW are fighting it out for high profile placements on Mashable and the site is just selling it out to both of them. Category exclusivity is a hard thing to figure out online, however I think this needs a solution. If I was either brand, I would refuse to pay for some of these impressions.

BMW ad drives to http://www.bmw-i-usa.com/en_us/

Ford drives to http://mashable.com/explore/

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Y-Combinator introduced its latest class fo start-ups today at their Demo Day. This “semester” they had 43 grads, although the article doesn’t include them all because some are super top secret. The ones I see with the biggest potential (from a user and advertising base are below). Which do you see the most potential in as a consumer and/or as a communications planner?

1. Like.fm http://like.fm – “Like.fm takes all of your music and makes it social. We track everything you listen to and make it extremely easy to share with and discover from people.” They’ve actually been around for a few months. There are so few quality music sharing sites – love to see this improved and explored (try: thesixtyone.com, blip.fm, grooveshark.com).

2. Five Stars http://www.fivestarscard.com – “A universal loyalty card for retail businesses. The card is the first link between cash registers, customers’ email and Facebook accounts.” I see huge potential in this, FB has a ton of user data and being able to tie it to your offline spending would be a magical and beautiful thing for CPGs and retailers. Lots of privacy issues and concerns to overcome, but love this.

3. MinoMonsters http://minomonsters.com/ – “MinoMonsters is a social game where you collect and battle pet monsters on Facebook, the Web and the iPhone. We are Pokemon for 2011.” Ok, so this idea is probably crap, I just love them because they refer to themselves as Pokemon for 2011.

4.Lanyrd http://lanyrd.com – “IMDB of conferences.” If they can build and sell to LinkedIn, they’ll make oodles of money. As an independent or bought out, huge advertsing potential for the BtoB space and would be incredibly helpful for finding quality conferences.

5. Taskforce http://taskforceapp.com – “Makes your inbox work as the to-do list you’re using it for.”

If you don’t know who/what Y-Combinator is, read about them here http://ycombinator.com/about.html. Check out an official list of graduates and you’ll see http://yclist.com/ at least a few you’ll recognize like our blog platform posterous.


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I love the new Toyota spots where customers discuss what good they would do in the world using Toyota’s technology.

I want to love the interactive and engaging banners they created…but the game is just too hard. I spent 5 minutes+ trying to figure this thing out. I didn’t know that the hamster thing was supposed to do…

When does a long in-banner engagement pay off for a brand?

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New companies I’m  watching that to be “the next big thing” or drastically change the way we communicate or consume media.

1. Path

The anti-social network. social network Share “moments” with only 50 of your closet friends. Limited user base but big investment and amazing founders.

2. StickyBits

First we checked into places. Then we checked into places with friends. Now you can check into products. F’ing Brilliant.

3. Spotify

Apple blows. I want my spotify. The next revolution in digital music.


Take Zynga out of facebook and you get omgpop. Kevin Rose is an angel. They’ve perfected how to serve video completions and quality maintain user experience. With video on the rise, social gaming a legit addition, and a great collection of fun games, this site is sure to make some significant money.

5. Hipster

What the fuck the do. I have no I idea. But rumor has it Groupon tried to buy them out BEFORE THEY EVEN LAUNCHED for $10 million.

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Ok so I’m a little late…but hey I had to put some deep thought into these!

These are my 2011 resolutions. I’m not normally one to actually make resolutions but I’ve been inspired 🙂  I have 5 for work and 5 for my personal life.


1. Learn more about Venture Capitalism –> how it works, key players, trends, etc

2. Be better at Powerpoint –>they are just not up to par with my excel skills

3. Be more creative –> hey us media folk can be creative too!

4. Decrease my use of “totally” at the office –> but like seriously, I need to stop

5. Get to know the creatives –> some of my favorites from my previous agencies are my friends from the creative team, need to get upstairs more often and make friends

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Am I the only person having flashbacks to my middle school years and my crush on JTT? Now that every commercial break features Tim Allen, my childhood crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas is haunting me through flashbacks of Tool Time in :30s increments.

Check out the Tim Allen Collection after the jump

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I’ve been a fairly loyal AT&T customer. Actually, I was a Cingular customer who was forced into AT&T. Service was awesome at UCONN, not so bad in San Diego and is non existent at the office in San Francisco but I’ve stuck with it…maybe pure laziness or possibly due to not wanting to pay to switch carriers.

I’ve always said if the iPhone went to Verizon I’d finally jump ship and become one of the masses of iPhone-Verizon enthusiasts but this spot has me rethinking that. Anyone out there in San Francisco a T-Mobile customer?

Great spot. Definitely works for me, partly because I love her dress and most definitely because I don’t understand the difference between AT&T 3G and Verizon 3G.

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Is it just me, or does Sarah Jessica Parker look like a crazy robot with yellow eyes?

Oh Facebook how you’ve grown so much, but your ads are still awful.

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