When I poo, I poo in blue.

Without a doubt, the only spot that had me laughing out loud like a fool in quite a long time. I think the product is totally ridiculous, but the spot from the baby casting, to the copy writing is genius, I might buy a pack or two just to show my support to the agency.

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A funky little Unicorn with a collection of music videos for you to serenade your friends with = viral gold?

Check it out for yourself at SerenadingUnicorn.com.

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I have four pieces of art in my apartment : my niece’s first canvas (a purple and pink portrait of me), a giant print of Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and two blue and yellow Rothko’s.  I fell in love with Rothko’s  large blocky prints during my semester abroad in London when I spent every week in a different art gallery for a class.

Most people who see the Rothko prints hanging in my room ask me if they’re more of my nieces. They just don’t get why I love the simple masterpieces. Ugh. It annoys the hell out of me which is why I love these above ad for the Arts channel.

The Gene Davis piece above looks like my blog background; maybe I was channeling Mr.Davis and not a 6yr stuck in the 80s when I designed it 🙂

Check out two more after the jump!

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I have a weakness for tiny furry animals in commercials (example 1 and 2)

Is there some sort of scientific name for this?

Kia preys on my weakness once again with their new spot using some badass street hamsters who love them some Black Sheep.


Most resist urge to buy a Kia and build a town of hamsters in it….sooooooo hard.

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I’m loving the current TV spots for Webber Grill – they are fun personality filled 30 second spots that makes me wish I was at a summer party grilling, drinking and dancing. While the infectious dance moves make not be directly related to grills, they are a great branding campaign with the fitting tag line of  ‘Have fun with it’. Perfect for the summer and perfect for some brand awareness.



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Really CVS a starburst in a banner ad? Really? Are you trying to make me blind? Please tell me you didn’t pay someone to design this. And I (fingers and toes crossed) hope for your sake this starburst was not something you demanded that your agency/designer/poor soul include in the ad.

The right hand sky scraper is the offending banner and no I didn’t cut off the bottom “Now through May” thats how the ad appeared on mail.yahoo.com. The left hand large box is expandable that popped out from “Rollover to Save”.

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Have you noticed some new buttons surrounding display ads on Yahoo.com?

The top link – AdChoices – takes you here and lets you opt in and out of certain categories as well as shows you the information it has on you. They have my location wrong, or just never updated it since I moved but provide a lot of great information everyone should know about why/how advertising is displayed to you. I’ve repeatedly said Behavioral Targeting is one of the best tools in the world but I firmly believe in advertising education and allowing people to control what they see. If you want irrelevant content or a pay-wall so sites can recoup costs then enjoy!

The bottom link – Ad Feeback – takes you here which looks like a brand awareness/brand lift study.

Yahoo has not incorporated both of these on all banner placements, not sure if its b/c this one had the best placement 300×250 right side, above the fold which will no doubt get the highest number of eyes and clicks. Or if its something specific to the T-Mobile ad campaign. I can’t be BT targeted, maybe demo?

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Dayparting is the practice of flighting ads based on time of day and is effective for either difference audiences of difference products. Most display offer dayparting at little to no cost and while not entirely relevant to a lot of campaigns – it is incredibly important for food as evidenced in this ad I saw while drinking my morning coffee and watching my Colbet Report.

(Click on it for a full view and time)

There is nothing that makes me gag more than a McDonalds Angus Third Pounder at 7:48am. I don’t know if I could stomach that at lunch or dinner time, but come on do I really need to see it this early??!! Ewww

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Nothing I love more than simple creative executions that say everything there is to say about a brand. Creative is hard, I certainly don’t have the chops to design or any sort of skill set outside of one class of InDesign in college. But when I see simple ads make it to print – makes me infinitely happy and at peace with the ad world. With that I want to share these Fed-Ex ads I stumbled across on Ads of the World.

No copy. Two logos. Perfect brand messaging.

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One of my biggest pet peeves with commericals ( that you may remember from this previous post): Using cartoons/claymation/rotoscoping when it is totally and completely unncessary.


Y&R Chicago, what about this spot in a scene about regular, everyday life needed to be in claymation? The computer to mini hotels could have been using other (better) methods and there is just something off about it being in claymation.

The second spot of the series below – I think this one would have looked A LOT better using real people. The look on the co-workers face is giggle-worthy but just not there.


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