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I saw the above banner and was horrified, so obviously I clicked. Then I arrived at one of the most entertaining sites I’ve been to as a digital marketer in a while. I just wish I knew who did the

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Media planning seems kind of boring to most outsiders. When I tell people I’m in advertising EVERYONE assumes I’m a graphic designer…they always get all the glory. Its the ad you remember not necessarily in what spot break or on

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As a planner/buyer who is transitioning between traditional and digital, I find myself constantly struggling as to how to position digital in the media mix. I absolutely believe web will revolutionize the way we interact with a brand, consume and

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Can you spot the difference and similarities between these graphics for the US and Poland? US Poland Need a hint? Check this out.

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BooneOakley also launched a new site this week that’s causing some buzz as its completely in YouTube. [youtube=] They utilize YouTube’s ability to have clickable portions within videos to create the buttons that take you to different “pages”. Very much

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Too good not to share – via Renegade Agency Confessional [youtube=] I can’t remember what life was like before YouTube.

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Frank Duffel is a guy I could see my dad being buddies with – a bit of a hard ass but simple and straight forward. While he puts the “no” in innovation, he somehow ended up with a Facebook page,

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According to this article in AdAdge, Coke wants to push for its agencies to only be paid if they achieve pre-set goals and targets. While this is a great plan for the beverage, I don’t see this going well for

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This is taking billboards to a whole new level.  Audi told BMW it was their move and Santa Monica BMW took that challenge with a bigger more badass billboard across the street. Genius!  Juggernaut Advertising is the agency responsible for

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On the new bsuiness squad I think a lot about my dream accounts to land. Some are on the list because I absolutely love the products, some are on there because I geniuely think they’d be fun, some purely for

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