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I have four pieces of art in my apartment : my niece’s first canvas (a purple and pink portrait of me), a giant print of Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and two blue and yellow Rothko’s.  I fell in love with Rothko’s  large

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If you don’t like this Old Spice spot you probably don’t have a soul. [youtube=]

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My top secvn 2010 superbowl ad favorites. Probably more automotive than other lists, but they were good spots and I have a soft spot in my heart for automotive accounts. Kia [youtube=] Intel [youtube=] aww sad robot 🙁 Budlight [youtube=]

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I don’t know what he is singing about and I don’t care. The video is brilliant and the song makes me smile. [youtube=]

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but hilarious. New campaign for Hardees’ about their new Biscuit Holes. Check out the spots below and the campaign site to help the Southern/Eastern fast food chain come up with a better name for their Biscuit Holes. A vs.

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I am totally impressed with Bing, Microsoft’s attempt to get back into the search game, and its not just because of the plethora of results of my vanity search – I finally beat out the Erin Norton who makes jewelry.

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I love foregin commercials. Via [youtube=]

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The power of community is evident through many social media platforms. Companies are learning that cultivating a positive brand experience through open communication and 24/7 availability can create consumers who are your brand advocates. I am a huge believer of

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There are some great TV spots out in rotation right now – here are my top 5 (in no particular order) Check them out after the jump

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Back in the olden days of the internet, Facebook was just for college kids, flash sites were cool and you couldn’t rely on someecards to be there to help you communicate openly with your friends.  All the way back in

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