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New companies I’m  watching that to be “the next big thing” or drastically change the way we communicate or consume media. 1. Path The anti-social network. social network Share “moments” with only 50 of your closet friends. Limited user base

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There is a great article on TechCrunch “Let’s Kill The CPM” that is a great argument to end the use of CPM (cost per thousand) as a metric to buy, sell and evaluate display ads. Shelby Bonnie makes some excellent

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Heels. is doing some smart digital buying. As a poor shoe addict I feel like their my dealer who pops up randomly throughout my life to remind me how good of a high they can provide me. At times when

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Google has decided to go un-digital. To fight for market share for their browser Chrome (which in full disclosure, I love), the giant has launched a TV campaign in Japan.  [youtube=] I have to admit I love it. The perfect

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Ad:Tech was a fantastic experience. The discussions and panels were informative, interesting and relevant. I’ll share what I learned in the next couple of posts but also had to share three completely unimportant things I gleaned from my trip.  1)

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