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Dayparting is the practice of flighting ads based on time of day and is effective for either difference audiences of difference products. Most display offer dayparting at little to no cost and while not entirely relevant to a lot of

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Ok Pandora. I like you; I think you like me. I don’ t mind your ads, heck as a media buyer I respect the integration and ability to target that you offer. I like you so much in fact I

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Dear Facebook, Your ads are creeping me out! Who cares if this image is real or fake or how many people can’t pass the illusion test. You have put an image to my head that I will never be able

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There is a great article on TechCrunch “Let’s Kill The CPM” that is a great argument to end the use of CPM (cost per thousand) as a metric to buy, sell and evaluate display ads. Shelby Bonnie makes some excellent

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Two thirds of all online searches are the result of offline media including TV, newspaper, magazines, word of mouth, radio, direct mail. Of those who searched for a product or company 39% ended up buying from the brand that motivated

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