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While I’m part of the new business team, I can’t always go after (or get) the clients that would give us the freedom to do innovative cool stuff; sometimes they don’t have the balls and sometimes its just not their

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Experienced an RFP writing bender late last night but realized it was time to stop typing after this all too honest section of our Methodology appeared on screen.  Execute During the “getting shit done” phase of our methodology we will

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On the short plane trip to the DMA I was catching up on some industry news via AdWeek. I read probably the most disheartening “the economy sucks” story since the crisis started to be big news.   The day before Wachovia

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In the time I devote to New Business I’m often scouring for propsect leads in the public sector and am amazed at the types of projects that the government has to bid out. My favorite from this week was an

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