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Yes FriendFeed was acquired by Facebook yesterday. There is outrage and stories galore out on the interwebs, but only one thing out there got me to really understand the pain and anguish of FF loyalists. Enjoy. [youtube=]

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Did you get your vanity Facebook URL? The Friday night geekfest resulted in 200,000 vanity URLS within the first 3 minutes according to Mashable (the start time was 12:01 EST Saturday morning). I logged on at about 9:05 PST last night

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The buzz in the Twittersphere is all about Hubspot’s latest State of the Twittersphere, available here. It examines levels of activity of Twitter users by the following statistics: 79.79% failed to provide a homepage URL • 75.86% of users have

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I love Facebook, really I do. However FB’s inability to offer any sort of advertising quality control is killing me. I’ve ranted about Facebook telling me I need a diet and a man, I’ve been disturbed by zombie hands and

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Big news out of China this week is that the government has once again cut off access to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and other social media sites in preparation for the 20th anniversary of  the Tiananmen Square protests. You can

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Yesterday I attended my first San Diego Social Media Breakfast where the discussion centered around social media privacy from the user standpoint.  The arguments for and against sharing have been debated across the web: How much personal information should you share

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Google turned me into a stalker with the launch of Google Latitude. I wasn’t paying attention when I signed up to test it out and checked everyone in my Google address book which is, thankfully, much smaller than my Yahoo

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Social Networks I will never understand Reddit 4Chan  FriendFeed  Social Networks everone should be a part of Twitter connects you to people you would never meet otherwise. Great resource and information stream.  Digg maybe it’s becasue I have a geek

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As the end of the year approaches every blogger out there is throwing down their 2009 predictions; I’m jumping off the cliff to throw down my own thoughts on the new year. But don’t worry is isn’t some haughty predictions

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Hubspot released their state of the Twitterverse report a few days ago and I’m actually really surprised by some of the results. Decifinitely check it out for the full report, but here are a few tidbits.  35% of users have

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