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Yes its one word, ok. And its my new plan in life. I want a hamster farm. To raise little hamster who roll arond on the piano, who can chew pencils who can ride around in little Kia’s and who

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Two thirds of all online searches are the result of offline media including TV, newspaper, magazines, word of mouth, radio, direct mail. Of those who searched for a product or company 39% ended up buying from the brand that motivated

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A study by AdWeek and Harris Interactive provides some interesting stats on which medium ads are most ignored. At first glance its easy to assume that this means that internet banner ads are most ignored and television ads are the

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While watching the inaguration on CNN from the ever so comfy beds at Encore at Wynn in Vegas (plush amazing beds), I was uber disappointed in the graphis department of CNN. Did anyone else notice the Facts being posted on screen?

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