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Last week FriendFeed was acquired by Facebook. Rumors that it was merely a talent grab (FF founders are ex-Googlers) and of course the scoffs that FB has been stealing features from FF for a while now anyways (like button, stacked

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I am not one of the advertising folks who lusts after Madmen. After trying to watch the show, I just got bored. Yes advertising was funny back in the day, alcohol and sexism were rampant. They also wore cool clothes.

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United Airlines broke Dave Carrol’s guitar. He spent over nine months trying to get the airline to take responsibility and pay for the damages; they refused. So he took to the interwebs and created this incredibly catchy and entertaining video

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The buzz in the Twittersphere is all about Hubspot’s latest State of the Twittersphere, available here. It examines levels of activity of Twitter users by the following statistics: 79.79% failed to provide a homepage URL • 75.86% of users have

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Twitter spam is the new Nigerian Prince. Ever since the whole Ashton Kutcher race to a million followers I’ve noticed that twitter spam has taken over. So thanks Ashton for teaching people that twitter is not a social media tool, but

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I’m still on my Twitter kick…so my apologies to anyone who is not (yet) a fan of microblogging. There has been an increase lately with spammers and while I will follow back most who follow me, I will quickly unfriend

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Twitterverse, Tweettown, Twittersphere…whatever you want to call the group of Twitter was all a flutter this weekend regarding the breakthrough of Twitter advertising. Be-A-Magpie is the first attempt (as far as I’m aware) of monetizing Twitter and actually pays you to

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Ok I think I’m finally addicted to Twitter. I signed up for Twollow earlier this week and that pushed me over the edge. Despite my love of microblogging, most of my friends and coworkers barely know the name Twitter. I

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I’m slowly becoming a fan of Twitter. Facebook has had the ‘status’ entry for quite some time, so it’s nothing new, but the content is completely different for Twitter. My status updates on Facebook are about where I am, who

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