As a self proclaimed Social Media Addict I stumbled across this video via Twitter and loved it. Well produced, easy to relate to and it felt like an effortless and humorous video. Then just the last few seconds at the end the Vaio W splashes on the screen and I was excited. A notebook that actually fits my strange additions? I’m totally in!

My previous laptop was a Vaio and I loved it, but tragically it died after four years with me. Well done viral that makes me feel like Vaio is the brand for me, actually made me find out more information about the W and write a post about it. Well done Sony!

Read more about the Vaio W at Engadget and at Sony.


It’s my favorite time of year – Shark Week promotion time. Just like the Superbowl I love Shark Week more for its ads than for the content, they never fail to deliver innovative and fun campaigns. Last year was taxis topped with fins, lifeguard chairs around the city and

This year bloggers must figure out their own deaths.

Via AgencySpy


I am not one of the advertising folks who lusts after Madmen. After trying to watch the show, I just got bored. Yes advertising was funny back in the day, alcohol and sexism were rampant. They also wore cool clothes.

However, I am vein enough to enjoy the MadMenYourself website by AMC. This is how the ad business should be done – with a martini in hand!

ErinIs Madmen style


A moment of silence please – Clippy has been deleted. All you microsoft fans know who I’m talking about. According to the promo video for Office 2010, he has been killed off by some sort of Microsoft nemisis. Cool promotional video and yet still soooo Microsoft.

More details on Techchrunch.


United Airlines broke Dave Carrol’s guitar. He spent over nine months trying to get the airline to take responsibility and pay for the damages; they refused. So he took to the interwebs and created this incredibly catchy and entertaining video “United Breaks Guitars” with his country music band Son of Maxwell.

The video currently has 12,559 comments, 5-stars by 19,750 ratings and 2.3+ million views.

When will companies learn that poor customer service + internet = horrible reputation destruction? It took the man more than a year to get completely rejected by United claims, write the blog post and create the video. Which means United had a year to make things right, they had a year to pay $1200 to fix the guitar that the airline workers broke, they had a year to make Dave Carrol a fan of United.

How hard is it to train your employees to be nice to your customers?

Why is it so difficult for companies to do right right thing?

According to United’s Twitter the airline contacted Dave, donated $3,000 to Thelonius Monk Institute of Jazz 4 Music Education 4 Kids and is working with Dave for some positive songs. Too late? What do you think?


Tampax Girl Parts

Meet Zack, the star of the most disturbing online campaign EVER created.

The premise is that Zack went to bed one night with “guy parts” and woke up with “girl parts,” although he remains a guy in every other aspect. Throughout the videos Zack only expresses mild confusion, never close to FREAKING out like most guys would be.

On his site,,  you can read his diary and watch the very professionally produced videos of this transformation.  Check out his diary entry from Day 9 where a copywriter had the time of his life crafting these beautiful and touching words -

It happened so fast. C’mon, I just was just dealing with my newly acquired girl parts. And I had no choice. They just showed up. I didn’t even get a 30-day money back guarantee. Then BAM! I get hit by the menstrual express. I didn’t even have time to give my new girl parts a pet name like “Fifi” or “Alexandra.” No, we had to rush right into menstruation.

In the Day 9 video you’ll see the Tampax vending machine – voila after 9 freaking days of girl parts, vagina, PMS and menstruation talk we finally get a product placement that lets up know who to thank for this this “viral” series.

So thank you, I am now scarred for life. Is this as contagious as swine flu? Can I wake up one morning with “guy parts” or is this a guy to girl only type of thing? Why doesn’t Zack seem more concerned? Is this some sort of super strength STD that I need to be on the look out for?  Or does this prove that you can “lose it” if you don’t “use it”? Why hell isn’t he freaking out?? If I think Zack is cute, am I a lesbian? Ugh, you may have made me feel better about “Menstruation Island” but now I’m questioning my sexuality. Gee thanks Tampax!

Didn’t viral used to mean it was low budget and at least attempted to look like it was consumer produced? I wonder what the bill was for this because I see a part two where Zack wakes up with robot parts! Or his Fifi meets another Fifi and we learn about transsexuals. Or we follow around a girl who wakes up with “guy parts” and dribbles out apologizes to for every stereotypical guy cliche and then shaves her new balls, sponsored by Gillette.

You can read more about it on AdAge or if you’re like me, you can curl up into a ball and cry over the state of advertising.