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Ok so I’m a little late…but hey I had to put some deep thought into these! These are my 2011 resolutions. I’m not normally one to actually make resolutions but I’ve been inspired 🙂  I have 5 for work and 5 for my

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A funky little Unicorn with a collection of music videos for you to serenade your friends with = viral gold? Check it out for yourself at

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Ok Pandora. I like you; I think you like me. I don’ t mind your ads, heck as a media buyer I respect the integration and ability to target that you offer. I like you so much in fact I

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Dear Facebook, Your ads are creeping me out! Who cares if this image is real or fake or how many people can’t pass the illusion test. You have put an image to my head that I will never be able

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Pigs eating pigs to sell cell phones? I would LOVE to see this client pitch because I have no idea to sell cannabalism to a client. [youtube=]

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Meet Zack, the star of the most disturbing online campaign EVER created. The premise is that Zack went to bed one night with “guy parts” and woke up with “girl parts,” although he remains a guy in every other aspect.

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A few months ago I was sitting at a funeral for a family friend and while waiting for the memorial to begin I was eavesdropping on conversations. Older Woman – “You know my grand-kids all text message and email me these

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I honestly don’t know which is more disturbing – encouraging ladies to mow their lawn through a song or a how-to video teaching  guys to trim the underbrush “so the tree looks taller”. Oy vey…While I can appreciate its a

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The power of community is evident through many social media platforms. Companies are learning that cultivating a positive brand experience through open communication and 24/7 availability can create consumers who are your brand advocates. I am a huge believer of

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I don’t even know what to say about this spam. Apparently it is still impossible/against the rules for spammers to use proper grammar and capitalize their “I”s , but at least the’ve moved on from the whole Nigerian Prince scam.

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