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I love the new Toyota spots where customers discuss what good they would do in the world using Toyota’s technology. I want to love the interactive and engaging banners they created…but the game is just too hard. I spent 5

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Really CVS a starburst in a banner ad? Really? Are you trying to make me blind? Please tell me you didn’t pay someone to design this. And I (fingers and toes crossed) hope for your sake this starburst was not

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I saw the above banner and was horrified, so obviously I clicked. Then I arrived at one of the most entertaining sites I’ve been to as a digital marketer in a while. I just wish I knew who did the

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Ok Pandora. I like you; I think you like me. I don’ t mind your ads, heck as a media buyer I respect the integration and ability to target that you offer. I like you so much in fact I

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There is a great article on TechCrunch “Let’s Kill The CPM” that is a great argument to end the use of CPM (cost per thousand) as a metric to buy, sell and evaluate display ads. Shelby Bonnie makes some excellent

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Long long ago, the internet was an ad barren land. No dancing people telling you how you could save on your auto insurance, no before and after belly pictures and no ads letting me know Obama wants me to go

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I had massive open heart surgery when I was a baby. I nearly died prior to surgery; my heart stopped beating in surgery and the surgeon resuscitated me by pumping my heart with his index finger and thumb; and post

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So raise your hand if in the last few weeks you’ve noticed these ads EVERYWHERE online.  While these ads annoy me to no end, I would kill to work on this account. This is one of the few accounts that

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I’m pretty sure the type of people who fall for email scams are the same people who click on banner ads like this                      I would love to meet the designers

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The recent IDC report released in November investiageted the differences between social network users and ‘regular’ internet users. The study discovered that social network users were less receptive to online advertising with only 57% of SN users clicking on at least

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