Have you noticed some new buttons surrounding display ads on

The top link – AdChoices – takes you here and lets you opt in and out of certain categories as well as shows you the information it has on you. They have my location wrong, or just never updated it since I moved but provide a lot of great information everyone should know about why/how advertising is displayed to you. I’ve repeatedly said Behavioral Targeting is one of the best tools in the world but I firmly believe in advertising education and allowing people to control what they see. If you want irrelevant content or a pay-wall so sites can recoup costs then enjoy!

The bottom link – Ad Feeback – takes you here which looks like a brand awareness/brand lift study.

Yahoo has not incorporated both of these on all banner placements, not sure if its b/c this one had the best placement 300×250 right side, above the fold which will no doubt get the highest number of eyes and clicks. Or if its something specific to the T-Mobile ad campaign. I can’t be BT targeted, maybe demo?


I’ve said it many times before, I love behavioral targeting both as a media planner and as a consumer. Anything to show me less irrelevant ads and waste my time. You can track me, I’ll fill out a survey, infect my computer with your cookies (as long as you’re a reputable company). BT for a media planner is fabulous, the ability to push display only to those relevant segments who have demonstrated their interest of intent.

Last week the IAB announced the creation of a new logo (see below) to tell users they are seeing the ad because of behavioral targeting. As an act of self regulation and transparency the logo was decided on to avoid government interference on BT practices. For more information read this.

A warning label on behavioral targeting ads is totally and completely unnecessary. All media is purchased based on the consumers’ media habits, demographics, psychographics, previous purchases and other piles of research and life style stats. We place no warning labels on TV spots, informing the carefully selected audience that they are seeing the ad because they fite percisely into our media plan.  

As a media planner, I should hope that all ads would have this little logo on it – all the ads placed are done sone because of meticulous research and well thought out budget allocations based on the target demographic and client goals.


I don’t understand why everyone is so against behavioral targeting. If a cookie can tell advertisiers that I have no interest in Viagra ads over every page on I would give every ad group permission to track me.


So raise your hand if in the last few weeks you’ve noticed these ads EVERYWHERE online. 


While these ads annoy me to no end, I would kill to work on this account. This is one of the few accounts that has increased their spend recently and they are just blanketing the web. 

Not sure if their on a behavioral buy (although I don’t look up diet information), could be demographic (because all 25 year old women are obsessed with their weight) or maybe they’re just buying remanent ad space by zip or DMA.

The website (yes I clicked, I was curious) is positioned as a San Diego woman’s blog. Anyone else click through on these and have a website targeting their DMA?


My favorite ad network is hitting some rough times thanks to the economy as Sequoia Capital asking its companies to buckle down and prepare for the worst. 

Despite that this October will be one of AdBrite’s best months, it laid off 40% of its staff and is cutting back on additional spending. The VC firm is preparing for the worst so they can emerge from the market’s current failure. 

I’m currently running a campaign through AdBrite and aboslutely love their service. It’s honest, transparent, easy to use and has provided impressive results in our behavioral targeting campaign. Thankfully, the deep cuts are in an effort to ensure profitability this year and the continued success of the company.

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I spent most of today at a client meeting and I actually enjoyed myself.

The client was gracious but stern, interested but respected our expertise. Maybe its the lack of sleep or remnants from my sick day this week…or maybe I just don’t go see clients often enough.

Client approved my first Behavioral Targeting campaign (woooo). I’m excited to get to use all the sneaky big brother stats the web stores about everyone (even you!). Lack of privacy slightly creeps me out, but its so beneficial as an advertiser! I’ll keep all ten of my readers updated on what I find ;)