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Have you noticed some new buttons surrounding display ads on The top link – AdChoices – takes you here and lets you opt in and out of certain categories as well as shows you the information it has on

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I’ve said it many times before, I love behavioral targeting both as a media planner and as a consumer. Anything to show me less irrelevant ads and waste my time. You can track me, I’ll fill out a survey, infect

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I don’t understand why everyone is so against behavioral targeting. If a cookie can tell advertisiers that I have no interest in Viagra ads over every page on I would give every ad group permission to track me.

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So raise your hand if in the last few weeks you’ve noticed these ads EVERYWHERE online.  While these ads annoy me to no end, I would kill to work on this account. This is one of the few accounts that

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My favorite ad network is hitting some rough times thanks to the economy as Sequoia Capital asking its companies to buckle down and prepare for the worst.  Despite that this October will be one of AdBrite’s best months, it laid off

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I spent most of today at a client meeting and I actually enjoyed myself. The client was gracious but stern, interested but respected our expertise. Maybe its the lack of sleep or remnants from my sick day this week…or maybe I

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