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Two recent creative executions on standard media placements that I think are brilliant. Kaiser on Pandora Note the “Fitness Radio” and “Relaxation Radio” clickable on the right whcih launched playlists into your pandora. Great integration with the media placement. Hoarders’

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The Dollar ReDe$ign Project is asking folks to redesign US currency in an effort to encourage the US government to redesign the US currency and stimulate the economy. The Project was put together by Richard Smith. While I do not

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As I wipe away the lauhgter tears and mascara running down my cheeks, I’m posting these Bruins commercials.  I discovered this Bruins Vicotry Dance Spot on AdRants and fell in love with the Bruins bear. Guys take note, you dance

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In honor of Opening Day, and borrowed from Advertising is Good For You, is my favorite baseball marketing campaign. Copywriter’s hit it out of the park for Chicago’s Wrigley Field (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

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Common misconception about media planners/buyers is that were are the dull uncreative type who love crunching numbers more than anything else. While it is true that most of us love numbers, statistics and research, creativity in media planning is an

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I love this video from collegehumor….whats your favorite font? If you work at an agency you know you have one….I’m a big fan of Trebuchet MS.

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