Taking something lame and making it cool again is the ultimate re-branding. A major crisis is difficult to come back from, but it happens all the time; coming back from the depths lameness is a rare phenomena. Which is why I applaud you Happy Cow. 

the ultimate in rebranding

Fanny Packs are for the 80s costume parties, older tourists, Hulk Hogan and people who wear socks with their sandals. But you Happy Cow, have decided to make them cool again as “Side Bags” and “Hip Bags”. Tricky.

Not only did you change their name, you’ve also changed up the look of the fanny packs on your website.  

Leather belt pouch 

 leahter money belt

  Leahter waist pouch

By far my favorite is the pocket skirt, because why would I want to ruin the look of my pants with bulging pockets or an unsightly purse when I can cover them with a skirt with one tiny little pocket. 


Please, please, please make an infomercial…I can only imagine how incredibly awesome it would be. Ok back to figuring out how these “pockets” work on all my pants. Ugh I wish I could afford your innovative “waist pouch”.


The “I lost my job but am now making a ton of money from Google” ads are blanketing Facebook.  I just thought they were annoying spam ad, then I noticed that the frankenstein hands inserted into the pictures. These ads are f’ing creepy!

When in the creative process does one say “What we’re really missing are some yellow Frankenstein hands!” 

Facebook recently sent me a survey as a previous advertiser asking me why I no longer publish ads on the site, well take a look. Why would I place any of my clients within the same ad space as these ads? 



















New Facebook layout is nice. Streamlined, clean and easy to navigate.

I realize they’re trying to live up to their price tag but they ads feel so much more intrusive on the right hand side, constantly refreshing with every tab I navigate to.

Thankfully the horrid Shaun White ads are gone, but I have yet to find a facebook ad that makes me want to click on any of them. And shoving more ads at my eyeballs will increase the likelihood of my clicking on them.