Dear Facebook,

Your ads are creeping me out! Who cares if this image is real or fake or how many people can’t pass the illusion test. You have put an image to my head that I will never be able to unsee.

Totally Disturbed,


Facebook Human Dog Hybrid

Maybe if advertisers created better, more interesting and less incredibly disturbing ads users would not be so against display ads on their favorite sites.

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Did you get your vanity Facebook URL? The Friday night geekfest resulted in 200,000 vanity URLS within the first 3 minutes according to Mashable (the start time was 12:01 EST Saturday morning).

I logged on at about 9:05 PST last night and acquired There are a 125 other Erin Nortons on Facebook, so I considered myself pretty lucky.

While I went with my full name to continue my personal branding efforts, others disregarded the future of their online identity and picked completely random user names and the daring few “facesquated” on friends, foes and brands.

Here are my top 5  random Facebook user names:







Big news out of China this week is that the government has once again cut off access to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and other social media sites in preparation for the 20th anniversary of  the Tiananmen Square protests. You can read here, here and here to learn more.

Which makes me wonder why this awesome campaign by Ogilvy (Frankfurt, Germany) for the International Society for Human Rights does not include the President of China, Hu Jintao? (Via)