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My 2010 resolution was to ressurrect this blog from its near death. I had a couple of really rough months at my previous agency and my blog contributions started to dribble…then completely stopped as I was actively searching for new agencies.

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Life has recently interfered with my blogging. After many months of contemplation, I decided to leave my current agency for an all digital shop. I’m in the process of finishing up my last week of work, start training for the

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For all those who’ve lost their jobs recently there is a glimmer of hope, because everyone is doing something for the recession from Hyundai offering to take back your vehicle if you are laid off within 12 months of buying

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I’m having a hell week.  –  1 RFP due Friday –  1 New RFP to start –  2 Full Web evaluations due Thursday (and I just found out about them today) –  All media invoices due to clients by the

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Why must I get berated with online dating ads on Facebook just because I keep my status on single? How did I ever survive 8 hours at school without a single cup of coffee? Does anyone ever call those “Hows

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This week has been crazy and with 3 RFPs due in the next 3 weeks, it will not be getting better anytime soon. Ugh I thought Q4 was supposed to be slow in the ad world!  At times like these

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I love San Diego but I miss some of the seasons from my four years of college in Connecticut. Just one or two rainy days would be nice. Nothing too cold or wet, but something other 70 and sunny.

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Or as we say at my agency in the red. There is a special kind of in the red that we like to call Hell Week. It’s (at least) five sweet days of stress and panic that usually culminates in

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I graduated from college 3 years ago and through the course of my professional life realize, I’ve realized how little what I learned in classes is applicable to the real world. So I’ve put together a short list of classes

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It’s amazing how clean I can get my apartment when I have a project for work looming over my head. Should I rewrite an RFP presentation….or clean my bathroom, do the dishes and clean out my closet? After an hour

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