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SEO is tricky. I deliver elements of SEO for a variety of clients, without any formal training or instruction I always feel like I’m missing something. There are so many black hat tricks, “experts” who guarantee page rank and frequent

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I’m trying to get back into the swing of blogging every day….so for today you get links!!  Rethink your resume How do you measure your social media ROI?  Scare the hell out of new interns with this shirt from JWT

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Back from a busy week and a vacation…apparently I missed a lot!  First there was the Motrin Mom scandal in Twitterville summarized very nicely by AdAge Jerry Yang left Yahoo…do you think he actually used rpoper grammer on this employee

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I’m too lazy to write posts on these…but still think you should check them out.  I couldn’t agree more with these- 10 Commandments of Facebook Childishly funny- Twenis Fortune Cookies are my favorites – WAS hit 200  Cool Business Cards –

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