Innovation is more than just the shiny new technology, its figuring out how to take the media we are accustomed to and finding new wyas to make it relevant. Office Max does it right with the below bag.

It was in the coupon section of the Sunday newspaper, making saure that it could be seen by all. Not only does it include the details of the sale, it is required to bring in store, ensuring a valid count of all bags utilized. The bag is then carried home for others to see and especially in SF probably reused somewhere in the household.

Simple, easy and smart.


As a planner/buyer who is transitioning between traditional and digital, I find myself constantly struggling as to how to position digital in the media mix. I absolutely believe web will revolutionize the way we interact with a brand, consume and communicate. Just as radio out did print; TV revolutionized radio; cable changed broadcast; web will forever alter all of it. I don’t believe the web will ‘kill’ any of its predecessors off, but it will change the how we use each of them.

We’ve moved from mass media to niche groups. The media mix is now about both reaching the most about of consumers, but also reaching the most relevant of those prospects at just the right time in the funnel. Web is the only medium to offer the reach of mass media and the segmentation of niche delivery at any point in the sales funnel.

Unfortunately, trying to sell digital as a supplement to traditional is difficult and trying to sell digital as a stand along medium is nearly impossible (on a local/regional level). There are a couple key issues that make it a hard sell.

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As the end of the year approaches every blogger out there is throwing down their 2009 predictions; I’m jumping off the cliff to throw down my own thoughts on the new year.

But don’t worry is isn’t some haughty predictions list, but merely a top 10 list of my hopes for marketing and technology in 2009. 

1. MySpace will die. Enough of the glitter backgrounds, 10 mintue page downloads and endless random friend requests from half naked teenagers. Most of the cool kids have left anyways. 

2. Everyone will stop hating on Twitter. You know you want to, like that one time in college. Get drunk and blame your experimental tweets on the booze. In four years if you’re not into it anymore you can just say you were going through a phase. Then you can follow me here

3. Spammers will learn correct grammar and proper English. Maybe more people would respond if they could read your spam emails or they contained plausable stories. Really I won the lottery in Nigeria, I didn’t even buy a lottery ticket?!

4. Mobile marketing will finally take off. The last few years have been predicted as The Year for mobile, please finally get big so the masses will figure out what the next big thing will be.

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I just stumbled on these two ambient campaigns via  Ads of the World and I think they’re both brilliant because of their simplicity and straightforward approach. 

First is a campaign for Hogar de Cristo which helps the  extremely poor in Ecuador. Simple and insightful campaign that definitely gets the point across.

Click on it for a better view.




The second is from a gym in Stockholm that sent caricature artists to the streets and motivated people to work out by showing them just how amazing they would look with a little gym time. 


Agencies are the worst at doing their own advertising, this highlights some of the best. 

7 and 8 are smart and I adore all of the holiday cards because that’s one promo piece we always struggle with.  


I only realized it was Shark Week on the Discovery Channel this week because it peaked on Google Trends…but do love Shark Week. Not as much as I love Cash Cab on the Discovery Channel, but its pretty close!

The Discovery Channel has turned out some pretty great creative to promote it in NYC this year.

From Adverganza- NYC pedicabs

Lifeguards in the street from Guerrilla Marketing defined

An actual Discovery Channel spot…here



This is the new McDonald’s signage for its location across the street from Wrigley Field, created by Leo Burnett Chicago.

The egg is only open from 630a to 1030a (McDonald’s breakfast times). The yolk reads “Fresh Eggs Daily.”

While I highly doubt McDonald’s has ever served actual eggs, the concept is brilliant.

Click on either of the above pictures for the full spread from AdLand.


Brilliant. I love this slide show – it will definitely be the preamble to all media plans.

There is an absolute need for social media in the mix with traditional media planning.