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I have a weakness for tiny furry animals in commercials (example 1 and 2) Is there some sort of scientific name for this? Kia preys on my weakness once again with their new spot using some badass street hamsters who love them some Black Sheep.

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I’m loving the current TV spots for Webber Grill – they are fun personality filled 30 second spots that makes me wish I was at a summer party grilling, drinking and dancing. While the infectious dance moves make not be directly related to grills, they are

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One of my biggest pet peeves with commericals ( that you may remember from this previous post): Using cartoons/claymation/rotoscoping when it is totally and completely unncessary. [youtube=] Y&R Chicago, what about this spot in a scene about regular, everyday life

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[youtube=] I can’t definitely hear my niece and nephew singing this one. On repeat. All day. Until they rewarded with ice cream cake.

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If you don’t like this Old Spice spot you probably don’t have a soul. [youtube=]

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My top secvn 2010 superbowl ad favorites. Probably more automotive than other lists, but they were good spots and I have a soft spot in my heart for automotive accounts. Kia [youtube=] Intel [youtube=] aww sad robot 🙁 Budlight [youtube=]

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These are totally cheesy but I’m loving the current Progresso soup tv spots. This is my favorite. [youtube=] You can check out the others here, here, and here. Love the traditional media aspect but I really wish there was some

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Yes its one word, ok. And its my new plan in life. I want a hamster farm. To raise little hamster who roll arond on the piano, who can chew pencils who can ride around in little Kia’s and who

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I don’t get this new ad for Jameson…did he kill the Octopus? Did his crew die? How did he survive for “weeks” diving for his whiskey? Can’t he just make more? [youtube=] This spot doesn’t make me want whiskey…I just

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I LOVE these new spots from that asks “What’s your excuse?” to visit Las Vegas. What’s Your Excuse: Chinchilli Day –  Part 1 [youtube=] What’s Your Excuse: Chinchilli Day –  Part 2 [youtube=]

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