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I’ve gone on many a “I hate Facebook ad” tangents which often result in some post-tangent regret. After all FB is just trying to monetize; we can’t expect these awesome little companies to be poor because I don’t like their

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I am not a violent person. However, I would like to physically harm who ever created the pop up people that talk on websites. Dear Merchant Circle, Please disable your the popup lady who tries to sell me on your

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BooneOakley also launched a new site this week that’s causing some buzz as its completely in YouTube. [youtube=] They utilize YouTube’s ability to have clickable portions within videos to create the buttons that take you to different “pages”. Very much

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[youtube=] Favicons are the most underrated design elements of any website. I love this execution and they made a pretty kick ass video about it FTW.  Enjoy!

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A week ago Skittles relaunched their website and it looked strangely familiar…reminiscent of Modernista’s unwebsite,’s site is merely a redirect to social networks, Wikpedia, YouTube and a couple of static pages.  Initially, the Skittles homepage was pointed at the results

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Chiquita Bananas has a new website up called Actually it could be an old site, but I just saw the facebook ad for bananas and this websitesite.  Its almost fun, but takes forever to load anddoesn’t make me want

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