I’ve gone on many a “I hate Facebook ad” tangents which often result in some post-tangent regret. After all FB is just trying to monetize; we can’t expect these awesome little companies to be poor because I don’t like their ads. And all the crappy/ugly/inefficient ads are little businesses trying to get “in” on social media and may not realize what they’re doing wrong. I’m no expert and maybe I’m the only one annoyed by Acai Berry Diet Plans and gross pictures of obese people or the endless stream of dating site ads just because my FB says I’m single. Hey, maybe I’m the only person not clicking on those.

So I feel bad and I think that maybe this little companies are just trying to make it and I should check them out….but then they remind me all over again why I have FB ads. Its not that I don’t like the idea that they’re easy enough anyone can do them. And hey Google annoys me with their “standards” and “regulations” because sometimes a text ad really does need two exclamation points!!

But just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should. The FB advertiser that sent me into this particular rage is MyInteriorDecorator. Their ad was pretty basic and one of the few actually got be to click (unfortunately I can’t get it to show up again). This is a screen shot of the landing page (check out the link if you can’t see much off this picture).


Did you instantly recoil from the huge font? Or was it that the generic header and the bright red font clash How about the incredible amount of text but OMG they can help me RIGHT NOW! Apparently there is such a thing as a design emergency.

This company asks you to pay $15-$125 for a complete stranger to tell you how to design your house, but they cannot even match a blog header with a font color.

I’m really trying hard to be a nicer person and less critical of others work, but you’re a design company! Please spend just a little bit of money with a freelancer to design your blog/landing page or just take 10 minutes and find a better header, turn off the caps lock, change the font back to a normal size and change the red font color.


BooneOakley also launched a new site this week that’s causing some buzz as its completely in YouTube.

They utilize YouTube’s ability to have clickable portions within videos to create the buttons that take you to different “pages”. Very much like Modernista’s unwebsite (that Skittles later copied) and in keeping with their agency description “BooneOakley is a full-service, out of the box ad agency.”


A week ago Skittles relaunched their website and it looked strangely familiar…reminiscent of Modernista’s unwebsite,’s site is merely a redirect to social networks, Wikpedia, YouTube and a couple of static pages. 

Initially, the Skittles homepage was pointed at the results page for a “skittles” twitter search but within a couple of hours there were hundreds of inappropriate tweets making onto the results page. Hilarious for those of us with a juvenile sense of humor, but probably not what Skittles had intended. They have since redirected the homepage to their Wikipedia entry, but those twitter search results are still the redirect for the “chatter” section of the site. 

There was no clear consensus within my Twitter friends if it was genius or a lame attempt to jump on the bandwagon. I can’t understand why would they attempt to feed off of a social network without someone who was actively twittering as the face of the brand? Unless of course Skittles the Cat (@skittles) is the mastermind behind the candy. 

While I applaud the attempt to “go social” and I love the idea of the unwebsite, I really don’t think that it fits with the brand of the product. Once all the attention dies down from the new site, how is the unwebsite going to further the brand, continue to build awareness or make me want some Skittles? Just because the unwebsite is a great idea, doesn’t mean its a great idea for the brand. 

You can read some great posts on the Skittles redesign here, here and here

Now if I could have had a hand in this site redo, I would have taken a look around the internets to see what people were already saying about the brand. Check out what I learned about Skittles in 5 minutes. Starting with my first two Google searchs (auto completes say a lot!):



Chiquita Bananas has a new website up called Actually it could be an old site, but I just saw the facebook ad for bananas and this websitesite. 

Its almost fun, but takes forever to load anddoesn’t make me want to eat a banana, Chiquita or not. 

You can make a video mashup and see people take hits from a banana bong…nope totally not making it up. Videos are pretty half assed attempt to make the site interactive with video. Check out my video here (I could only select and item and write in an adjective and verb).

UPDATE: This is the previosuly mentioned facebook ad.