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Pigs eating pigs to sell cell phones? I would LOVE to see this client pitch because I have no idea to sell cannabalism to a client. [youtube=]

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Meet Zack, the star of the most disturbing online campaign EVER created. The premise is that Zack went to bed one night with “guy parts” and woke up with “girl parts,” although he remains a guy in every other aspect.

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I honestly don’t know which is more disturbing – encouraging ladies to mow their lawn through a song or a how-to video teaching  guys to trim the underbrush “so the tree looks taller”. Oy vey…While I can appreciate its a

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The power of community is evident through many social media platforms. Companies are learning that cultivating a positive brand experience through open communication and 24/7 availability can create consumers who are your brand advocates. I am a huge believer of

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I don’t even know what to say about this spam. Apparently it is still impossible/against the rules for spammers to use proper grammar and capitalize their “I”s , but at least the’ve moved on from the whole Nigerian Prince scam.

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Back in the olden days of the internet, Facebook was just for college kids, flash sites were cool and you couldn’t rely on someecards to be there to help you communicate openly with your friends.  All the way back in

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A week ago Skittles relaunched their website and it looked strangely familiar…reminiscent of Modernista’s unwebsite,’s site is merely a redirect to social networks, Wikpedia, YouTube and a couple of static pages.  Initially, the Skittles homepage was pointed at the results

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Ninjas. Pirates. Zombies. The web is full of all three. Are they good or evil? Who knows, but they do provide an incredible amount of entertainment. I definitely think there is potential for some advertisers to jump on the bandwagon

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I don’t even know what to say about this. During my 6 monhts studying in London I did not become a fan of Wispa…but I’m loving the complete randomness of what they’ve put together.  [youtube=] You can also check out

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