I absolutely love advertising, it is the ultimate manipulation; a good ad gets into your head and motivates you to do something. Communication patterns and information dissemination drive my obsession in media buying and social media. I’m a geek who is enamored with the possibilities of new technologies.

The first four and a half years of my advertising career were spent at a boutique agency in San Diego where I started as an Assistant Traditional Media Planner and grew into the role of Digital Media Strategist.

Traditional media taught me the fundamentals of media – how to plan, negotiate, pitch and analyze media as well as how to maintain rep relationships, use research tools and understand the media landscape. Working with local and regional clients I became acutely aware of how media performance directly affected sales and business profitability.

As my interest shifted to digital, the Agency Principal tasked me with learning digital to fulfill client requests and I happily stepped up to the challenge. After many long nights and a lot of learning, I developed digital strategies, maintaining department budgets, executing all digital campaigns, optimizing placements, analyzing performance, writing reports and conducting client presentations.

From website audits and site development to social media and emerging technologies to display, SEM and SEO, I was doing it all. Working with a small team of AEs and Creatives, I also learned the intricacies of advertising and the value of a solid team.

When I felt that it was time to leave AdEase, I decided to move out of market and hone in on a particular digital skill set, SEM. I joined Geary Interactive as a Search Engine Marketing Analyst and moved to San Francisco.

As a purely digital shop with limited media capabilities, Geary taught me a lot about SEM but I missed feeling a close connection to my clients and the ability to offer a mix of media solutions.  After eight months working with several national clients, I decided to return to a traditional shop and accepted a position at DraftFCB in San Francisco.

While I am currently employed by DraftFCB, the opinions expressed in this blog are purely my own.

Despite all that, most web folks qualify their expertise by quoting the year they started working online, I’ve provided a timeline of the milestones of my online and computer experience.

  • I was awesome at Oregon Trail back in 1992
  • I fought my siblings for computer time so I could beat Civilization I (1994-95) and II (1995-98)
  • I had my first email address all the way in 1995 @AOL.com
  • My first exploration into social networking was with a profile on Bolt in 1996-97
  • I was in (and quickly out of) chat rooms way before Chris Hansen throughout the late 90s
  • I downloaded music from Napster in 1999-2000 (only legal songs, of course)
  • I was on AIM all the time from 2000-2001
  • My college pictures were all stored on Webshots from 2001-2004
  • I discovered my love of Advertising sometime in 2003
  • I jumped on TheFaebook.com bandwagon in 2004
  • My love for technology and Wired Magazine were born during an ‘Advanced Communication Systems’ class at UCONN in spring 2005
  • I threatened to leave Facebook when they let high schoolers on the site in fall 2005
  • I joined MySpace in late 2005 because no one was on Facebook out west
  • My first blog about working at an ad agency fresh out of college lived shortly in 2006
  • Numerous blogs were passionately started and died quickly from 2006-2008
  • I started working on digital media buys and strategy in June 2007
  • I joined Twitter in early 2008 and jumped headfirst into social media
  • This blog was created July 1st, 2008 and it is my longest running blog
  • I started my first website in March 2009
  • ErinIs launched as a consulting business in April 2009 so I could take on additional project work
  • I started Stilettoflirt.Tumbr.com in June 2010 as an outlet for my pump addiction

If you have any additional questions regarding my professional experience (or would like a proper resume) please email me at erin_norton(at)att.net.